Web Design
& Development.


Your website is the best marketing tool for your business. A well designed website will raise the credibility of your company and provide all the information on it’s activities, products and services.

When we design websites we put the visitor first. It’s just good UX (user experience) practice.

We carefully consider the user journey and take time to eliminate friction points, creating a clean, seamless experience across desktop and mobile devices that boosts dwell time and conversions.

Your Success

Professionally made website that is properly optimized will rank highly in search engines. It ensures market success giving a significant advantage over the competition. Studies show that most consumers now will undertake online research before purchasing desired product or service. This is why companies around the world invest in a professionally designed responsive websites to use it as an ultimate marketing tool. We at Nifty Design Labs have been designing and developing websites for almost a decade long. We know the recipe for your online success.

Visible On Any Device

Responsive web design gives you the confidence that regardless of whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, the client will be able to reach the company’s website or store to find the information they need. Ease of navigation from one page to another, large enough text on smaller screens, removal of unnecessary elements all contribute to the experience of your customers. A responsive website will dynamically change its structure and adjust to the screen on which is displayed.

Future Proof

Statistics indicate that mobile users accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. In the first quarter of 2021, mobile phones and tables generated 54.8% of global traffic. One thing is certain – these numbers are growing year by year and responsive web design have becomes a standard.


Because every project is unique, we will closely work with you to gain an understanding of both the business objectives and your customers. Once we fully understand your requirements, we are confident that we can deliver the best solution for your brand.

We play by one proven rule: simplicity is key. This means that we focus on design and functionality at the same time. All unnecessary clutter on any webpage will be removed, thereby focusing the users’ attention on the action you want them to perform.

Anything we decide to add to your design will make your website visually striking and seamlessly intuitive, be it a subtle piece of animation, a bold full-screen image or a well-placed button to help drive sales.

Fully Responsive Layout

Give your site a design that’s sure to impress your visitors by giving them a streamlined experience across different devices.

SEO Ready

All websites we build are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ready. Your website will be equipped with tactics that will help your site show up on Google.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Once we developed your website, we give 6 months Technical Support for FREE. Which means any problem you face within the 6 months, we would fix it FREE of charge.