Web Shop Development.


In the era of development, many of us prefer to do virtual shopping than walk into the shopping centres. Own online store is the best solution. Why? The answer is simple – no restrictions.

Running online store gives you an option to sell to the whole world! All you need it the right tools and Nifty Design Labs provides them.

We will develop the right E-Commerce solution in which you can make money online by selling your products/services. Whether you choose a fully-bespoke solution or an easy to manage platform such as Shopify or WooCommerce, we’ve got the know-how to make it work.

Benefits of an in-store experience, from your couch

If you’re an e-commerce brand, you know the importance of a good site. And you’re not alone: more and more companies are discovering the power of e-commerce.

But making a killer web shop isn’t the usual site build. Instead, strong messaging and clear calls-to-action win out. On top of that, lightning-speed page loads, an intuitive checkout, and a mobile responsive design all contribute to your success.

How we do it

We have been nailing the science of e-commerce web development for over a decade. So how do we do it? We start off with a ton of research. Personas, funnels, performance data, UX studies — you name it. We gather some key insights to help inform the process. Then we develop every page from the first touchpoint with the user all the way to shipping confirmation.

But you don’t have to worry about all the complex processes – we will handle all of that. Our goal is to bring your business to life on the screen no matter the complexity. Whether you’re selling shoes or software, our team works with you to learn the ins and outs of your business. That way, we’re able to totally capture all of your needs, wants, and even those “nice-to-haves”.


We recommend WooCommerce (with WordPress) and Shopify for non-enterprise clients.

These two platforms are easy to set up and simple to run. WooCommerce websites are great for customisation and Shopify websites are perfect for small stores with straightforward goals.

If you already have an e-commerce website that needs shaking up, get in touch with us and we’ll help you reach your goals.

And remember, we also offer Web Design and Marketing services too, so if you are looking to launch a new brand or marketing your company, we can help take you from concept to going live with your new e-commerce store!

Fully Responsive Layout

Give your site a design that’s sure to impress your visitors by giving them a streamlined experience across different devices.

SEO Ready

All websites we build are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ready. Your website will be equipped with tactics that will help your site show up on Google.

Built-in Payment System

With built-in payment processing system, you can accept all major credit cards and the funds are automatically transferred to your bank account.